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About us

ecosio stands for economy and input / output

ecosio provides flexible EDI solutions to optimize business processes for companies of all sizes. ecosio’s products grow along with client demands, always remaining user-friendly and cost-efficient. ecosio offers a comprehensive set of EDI services corresponding to the wide range of requirements for dynamic data exchange within the supply chain, and assists clients with connecting business partners and the onboarding of suppliers. As a partner in national and international standardization projects, ecosio plays an active role in the development of the e-business standards of the future.

The ecosio advantage


EDI without setup costs

Through consistent standardization and cooperation with ERP producers, ecosio strives to provide EDI without setup costs. The current multitude of protocols, standards, and specifications in EDI lead to high project costs and a wealth of costly internal customizations for companies wishing to set up EDI. We believe that the majority of these project costs can be averted in the future.


Standard­ization is key

ecosio’s ERPEL (ERP Exchange Language) is one standardized product that maps the majority of business processes and is accessible for all companies. In the future, ERPEL will enable EDI without setup costs, on a pay-per-use basis. To this end, we employ a standardized transmission channel for ERPEL documents and support the consistent integration of ERP systems.