Team: Marketing

Mission: Spreading ecosio's message and converting internal expertise into helpful EDI resources

Will Smith Team Photo

What do you do at ecosio?

My role at ecosio is Content Team Lead. Essentially I am responsible for the creation of all ecosio’s content… at least the content in English that is! When I joined over three years ago it was just me, but now we have a small content team, which is great.

What does a typical week look like?

During the week I have several meetings with the rest of the Marketing team and my Content teammates to ensure we are all up to speed on current and upcoming projects. Outside of these meetings I am able to organise my time however I want. At ecosio you’re given a high degree of freedom, which is really liberating and definitely boosts my motivation.

In terms of my work setup, I mainly work from home, though I do pop into the London office from time to time (partly to brush up on my table tennis skills). I also try to go over to the main Vienna office several times a year, as it’s great to see people face-to-face now and again.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

I think the most challenging thing about my job is prioritising tasks. There are so many interesting and exciting avenues that we can explore with content, and this can make it difficult to develop an efficient plan. It’s easy to get excited by a new idea and for this to disrupt existing timelines. Thankfully we are good at communicating as a team, though, so we are able to help one another see the bigger picture here!

What do you most enjoy about your work?

There are actually two things I love about my job. The first is the variety. At ecosio there’s a real enthusiasm for new ideas, which has enabled me to produce a wide range of content, from cartoons and podcasts to infographics and videos. As a result, work is never boring – there’s always a fun project around the corner. The second thing I love about working here is the people. My colleagues at ecosio are some of the nicest and most motivated people I’ve ever worked with. It is such a welcoming atmosphere and everyone is really supportive of one another.

How does working at ecosio differ from previous places you’ve worked?

The atmosphere at ecosio is hugely different to that of my previous jobs. The biggest difference for me is the feeling that everyone is pulling together. There’s no sarcastic comments about other teams or colleagues. There’s no rigid hierarchy. Everyone’s voice is heard and there’s a universal enthusiasm to take the company to the next level.

Do you feel you have grown personally since working here?

100%. When I joined ecosio my role was solely to produce articles and white papers on several topics. Three years later and I’m leading a team of four and overseeing the creation of a multitude of different types of content. Not only have I had to learn skills such as image, video and audio editing along the way, I’ve also definitely learned a lot when it comes to marketing strategy and time and people management.

What makes a good ecosian?

I think the main thing that all ecosians share is the ability to take initiative and push things forward proactively. There’s a huge appetite for innovation at ecosio – whatever form it comes in, but it’s usually down to you to make your idea happen.

If you’re going to be in the Vienna office I would also say it would be useful if you’re good at table football as the standard is extremely high!

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