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Meyer Quick Service Logistics is a full-service logistics provider, located in Friedrichsdorf, Germany. In order to allow for fast and reliable supply chain processes, Meyer Quick Service Logistics requires its suppliers to send and receive business documents using electronic data interchange. Thereby, Meyer Quick Service Logistics will provide its suppliers with electronic purchase order messages (ORDERS) and in turn requires the suppliers to send purchase order response messages (ORDRSP) back. This web page gives an overview of the supported EDI processes at Meyer Quick Service Logistics and serves as a starting point for new and existing suppliers in regard to EDI.

EDI process overview

Currently, Meyer Quick Service Logistics suppors the following EDI processes with its suppliers.

EDI document types, MIGs, and examples

For its EDI relations with suppliers Meyer Quick Service Logistics uses EDIFACT-based standards. For each EDI document type, the specification as well as a sample file may be found below.

Delivery forecast (EDIFACT ORDERS D01B)

Purchase Order (EDIFACT ORDRSP D01B)


In case you have any support inquiries in regard to EDI connections, please contact the EDI service provider of Meyer Quick Service Logistic.

ecosio InterCom GmbH
Leoprechtingstr. 32
81739 München
Tel.: +49 89 125 0323 65
Email: support@ecosio.com

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