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E-invoicing with Peppol

Achieve simple access to PEPPOL and all connected providers

PEPPOL Connection


PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) is a network which allows public bodies and suppliers to trade e-invoices easily and cost-effectively.

It supports the Directive 2014/55 on electronic invoicing for public contracts in the European Union.

Advantages of PEPPOL:

  • Once connected to PEPPOL, you are connected to all PEPPOL providers
  • e-invoice standardisation for B2G and B2B
  • Reduced costs
  • Easier procurement process

ecosio is a Certified PEPPOL Network Access Point

PEPPOL Access Point

  • Buyers and senders of electronic invoices need a certified access point to send electronic invoices via PEPPOL
  • PEPPOL access points connect users to the PEPPOL network to exchange documents based on the PEPPOL specifications
  • Access points are responsible for transforming documents into PEPPOL regulations and standards and ensuring they reach the recipient correctly
  • ecosio is a certified PEPPOL network access point


e-Invoicing in Europe: What you need to know

In this webinar we explore current and upcoming European e-invoicing regulations and how best to safeguard your business from falling foul of them whilst minimising pressure on in-house teams.

Topics covered will include:

  • E-invoicing requirements in the European Union such as:
  • Receiving and sending e-invoices via third party networks
  • How to deal with invoices from partners without EDI capability
  • The importance of efficient archiving

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Find recent developements about PEPPOL, e-invoicing and EDI in our blog

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