Team: People & Culture

Mission: Develop and implement effective people strategies

What do you do at ecosio?

My role is People Business Partner and as part of the People and Culture Team I work very closely with the Finance, Legal and Talent Acquisition departments. I am also acting as sparring partner for the middle and top management when it comes to labour law, compensation & benefits, and other strategic topics in our current scale-up phase.

What does a typical week at ecosio looks like for you?

There is no typical week [laughs]. I started about five months ago and I haven’t yet had two weeks that were the same. But most weeks will involve coordinating activities and projects between all of us in HR and having several calls to solve upcoming issues with colleagues and external partners.

Do you mainly work in the office or at home?

I work mainly remotely, but I am based in Vienna, so I can go to the office when I want. I plan to go to the office more often moving forward, but at the moment I have a lot of calls and I find it easier to concentrate at home.

Has working at ecosio helped you grow in any way?

Absolutely. At the start I was confused about how exactly the role would work because of the company’s size… but the great thing about us being a scale-up is that it is like a sandbox. For example, in the People Operations team we are rethinking HR operations completely, as the existing system was only built to cope with 30-40 employees. It’s a huge opportunity for challenge and growth, and though it may not be for everyone, I really enjoy it.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I have a huge circle of friends and colleagues working in HR and most of them say “I didn’t choose HR, HR chose me”. But with me it was another way around – I’ve always known it’s something I wanted to do. It may sound like a cliché, but the thing I enjoy most about the job is connecting people. As ecosio’s tagline is “Connections That Work” I guess it’s no coincidence I ended up here!

Is there a particular project that you are looking forward to?

Yes, there are two actually! Firstly, I am very excited about updating the HR management system. I am looking to introduce something that will fit our remote culture, and which gives us a lot of opportunities to engage and communicate with one another – like polls, surveys and other interactions.

The project that I am particularly proud of is that we now have business premisses in Spain. This has been a big project and may lay the foundation for us having an office there in future, as we already have several Spanish employees.

I’m also currently working on improving employee benefits for ecosians across Europe, which is a rewarding project.

Do you feel you have grown personally since working here?

Yes, absolutely! Right from the start I was able to learn from others in my team about certain areas of marketing that I had never engaged with before, which has definitely helped me to widen my knowledge and develop new skills.

What’s cool about working for a growing company is that you have to learn to be flexible and overcome any hurdles that appear. A fast-paced environment like that is great for personal development.

ecosio has also taught me that it’s ok to make mistakes. Failure is a natural part of growth and trying out new things. The important thing is to analyse what went wrong and what you need to do to improve moving forward.

How does working at ecosio differ from previous places that you have worked?

The level of openness and transparency at ecosio is something I haven’t experienced before. You can tell that the company really cares about the employees and people always make an effort to be inclusive and supportive.

For example, I was invited to join a company hike before I had even started in the role. Now we are inviting future new joiners to our parties and the feedback we receive from them is amazing! I am happy we can improve our employee experience and show everyone that we care about our people from day one!

For the first time, too, I feel I am in a company where people know what and why they are doing, and the product brings real value to customers. There is a sense of purpose and belonging in ecosio.

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