Team: Site Reliability Engineering

Mission: Creating Scalable and Highly Reliable Software Systems


What is your typical ecosio week like?

There is no such thing as typical *laughs*. Since I can arrange my working hours freely, I don’t come at the same time every day. At the beginning of the week I look at what I have to do on that day or week. Then I take care of it. But it can always happen that a request comes from another team that is more urgent than my planned tasks. This is, for example, a technical problem that needs to be solved acutely. Otherwise, we have a weekly jour fixe with the web application team and the messaging team, in which anyone who needs support or information can participate – but that’s not obligatory.

Site Reliability Engineering is defined differently in many companies, how would you define it for yourself or for ecosio?

Our main focus in the Site Reliability Engineering team is to ensure that our Software-as-a-Service is 100% available, based on the latest technologies and is constantly being developed. The main focus is really on service availability and reliability. This is simply a top priority for our customers.

How do you spend your breaks?

It varies. Often a lunch together, at least with a few people. Most of the time something comes up, someone orders or we go to try out a new restaurant together. In the evening there is normally an after-work event organised by our Happiness Team – for example a cocktail evening or even company sponsored lunches.

If you compare your first month at ecosio with the previous month, how do they differ?

I have been with the company since November 2017. We have grown from ten to twelve people to over 100 by now. The great thing is that most of those who were there at the time are still there – almost all of them actually. Of course, we have developed a lot in the technical area, but from the beginning we were on technically “modern legs”, you could say. We have always made sure that we use the latest technologies and we have continued to do so.

What already existed back then is our DevOps philosophy. For me this means that there is no silo thinking between teams and departments. As a Site Reliability Engineer, I work together with the developers. This means that we don’t have this thinking “this is my job” and “someone else has to look at this now”, but we are all ready to tackle problems, even if they don’t directly affect you. This philosophy already existed then and still exists today, and I think that’s very nice.

What has your time at ecosio taught you?

You simply can never stop learning in our field. There is always something new, there have been so many technical changes worldwide, especially in the last two years. What I also find very good is that we always approach new technologies openly, evaluate them and then decide whether it makes sense to use them. We always make sure that the entire team is behind these decisions. We try to get input from everyone in the team and then decide together what is really the best solution.

What is the next step?

The next big challenge is certainly the move to MultiCloud. In order to further improve the overall system stability, we plan to integrate a second cloud provider. This project, too, will not be handled by the Site Reliability Engineering team alone, but requires strong cooperation with the other teams.

What is the essence of working at ecosio for you?

To a large extent the colleagues. On the one hand, they’re technically on top of their game, I simply enjoy working with them and it works very well on a human level too. That’s very valuable to me and one of the reasons why I like working at ecosio.

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