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Eurogroup Deutschland GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of REWE Group Köln (Cologne). It acts as service provider for the procurement of fruits and vegetables – both nationally and internationally. In order to efficiently connect their suppliers, warehouses and REWE customers, Eurogroup aims for a full automation of its procurement and distribution processes using electronic data interchange (EDI). This Eurogroup Germany EDI Portal provides an overview of the supported EDI processes at Eurogroup and is a starting point for new and existing partners seeking to implement EDI with Eurogroup.


EDI processes with warehouses

Both stockpiling as well as shipping processes to and from warehouses are supported using EDI. The following Figure shows the used document types.

For each EDI document type the specification (message implementation guideline) as well as a sample file is available.

Message implementation guidelines as well as sample files are available under https://ecosio.com/en/eurogroup-migs (password protected). Access credentials can be requested under support@ecosio.com



In case you have any support inquiries in regard to EDI connections to Eurogroup Deutschland, please contact the EDI service provider of Eurogroup Deutschland.

ecosio InterCom GmbH
Leoprechtingstr. 32
81739 München
Tel.: +49 89 125 0323 60
Email: support@ecosio.com

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