Team: Marketing

Mission: Support and lead the marketing team in their daily activities

What’s your role at ecosio?

My role at ecosio is Marketing Teamlead. I joined ecosio two years ago, when there was already a great team in place. My job is to support everybody in the team, streamline processes, help to clarify people’s tasks and goals and jointly realise projects.

What does a typical week at ecosio look like for you?

On Monday I have a meeting with Ineke (our Head of Marketing) and Philipp (one of our co-founders). After that I have a call with the whole Marketing team, where we all discuss what we’ll be working on that week. On Thursday we also have a quick call as a team to discuss our blockers. Outside of these recurring meetings, I also have a lot of calls with people to provide support and advice on current projects, and work on projects such as optimising the website from an SEO perspective.

At the moment I mostly work from home, as this is most convenient for me… and I never feel alone as I have several video chats every day! But I do like going into the Vienna office every now and again too as it’s also nice to catch up with people face-to-face.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

The flexibility we get here is a big plus. There are no set rules when it comes to where, when and how you work. As long as you get your work done, everyone respects your schedule. I also like that I’m able to structure my tasks between meetings, as this allows me to break up analytical tasks with more creative stuff to keep things interesting.

Another great thing about ecosio is how positive people are about new ideas. As we’re growing fast, we’re always coming up against new challenges and everyone is encouraged to share any suggestions they have.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

I think the most challenging thing about my job is probably the fact that we are doing several projects for ecosio for the very first time, so there’s not always a tried and tested approach we can follow. Instead, we often have to figure things out through trial and error.

Although this is great for gaining experience, it can be challenging to stay on top of everything while also trying to collect as much information as possible to optimise future campaigns.

How has the marketing team changed since you’ve been at ecosio?

There have been quite a lot of changes. For example, since I’ve joined we’ve hired a Head of Marketing, a Graphic Designer, a Marketing Automation Manager, a Marketing Operations Associate, an Events Manager… and so on. But I think what is really nice is that we still have a very good team spirit. It’s a really friendly work environment. We all get on and there’s a real feeling that everyone is pulling together.

Do you feel you have grown personally since working here?

Yes, absolutely! Right from the start I was able to learn from others in my team about certain areas of marketing that I had never engaged with before, which has definitely helped me to widen my knowledge and develop new skills.

What’s cool about working for a growing company is that you have to learn to be flexible and overcome any hurdles that appear. A fast-paced environment like that is great for personal development.

ecosio has also taught me that it’s ok to make mistakes. Failure is a natural part of growth and trying out new things. The important thing is to analyse what went wrong and what you need to do to improve moving forward.

How does working at ecosio differ from previous places you’ve worked?

For me, it’s really a huge difference. One place I worked previously, for example, was a large company that was very hierarchical. There was a strict dress code and no home office. It feels like a different world at ecosio, as everything is much more flexible. I’ve also worked at a company where I really didn’t feel a strong team bond; people were just doing their jobs. By contrast, at ecosio you can really feel people’s passion for what they do.

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