Paul Wandl Team Photo

Paul Wandl

Teamlead Project Management

Paul studied Business Informatics at Vienna University of Technology and is currently working on his master’s thesis with a focus on EDI in the automotive industry and the file transfer protocol OFTP2.

Since the beginning of his studies he has been working in the field of logistics and warehouse management, and gained profound knowledge on logistic processes and warehouse procedures. Furthermore, he knows how to design, introduce, and enhance software solutions in this field.

At ecosio Paul is responsible for the EDI project management team and contributes on the technical enhancement of ecosio’s products. His tasks include performing onboarding tasks, maintaining already existing EDI relations, and developing new features and components for our service platform. Paul is also involved in the development of the ebInterface platform, where he works on ebInterface to ZUGFeRD conversions and visualizations.

In this spare time Paul likes to ride his bicycle and is always looking for culinary delights.

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