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One connection for all your suppliers via Web EDI

Web EDI allows you to exchange business documents with those suppliers without an EDI system.

Grafik ecosio Web EDI

EDI from your browser

Use your web browser to access an overview of all your EDI documents. An incoming order can easily be processed to generate order confirmations, delivery notes or invoices, all sent as EDI documents. Additionally, we offer support for call-offs and related shipping notifications, for example for VDA-based processes within the industry.

Seamless B2B Integration with Web EDI

Offer your business partners a fast, simple and low-cost option with ecosio’s Web EDI. This EDI solution is designed to help you include all your partners in your EDI processes.

  • Send and receive EDI documents directly from your browser
  • ecosio handles the configuration of your EDI  and the complete coordination with your business partners
  • Web EDI with your individual branding and customisable business processes and documents
  • enhance your EDI experience with our supplier portal modules

Web EDI and trade

Web EDI is the perfect option for businesses that collaborate with smaller trading companies and production facilities as suppliers simply use their web browser to process EDI transactions and e-Invoicing.

Web EDI is connected to their EDI processes through ecosio Integration Hub. After logging in, suppliers are shown all their orders (ORDERS), delivery confirmations (ORDRSP), shipping notifications (DESADV) and invoices (INVOIC).

Web EDI and industry

ecosio offers you comprehensive EDI expertise for the optimisation of industry processes. Suppliers without an EDI system can still take part in your EDI-based delivery processes using our Web EDI portal. This simple portal allows all suppliers to exchange structured documents easily via their web browser. Web EDI is connected to their EDI processes through ecosio Integration Hub. You will notice no difference between business partners using classic EDI or Web EDI.


Easy management of just-in-time processes

Suppliers have the option to receive, view and download call-offs (DELFOR) and detailed call-offs (DELJIT) as well as to create corresponding delivery notes (ASN) via Web EDI. Requirements for automotive processes (VDA, ODETTE, ANSI) concerning packaging lists are handled the same way. Finally, standard conforming barcode labels (for example VDA) can be downloaded and printed for each type of charge carrier (pallet, cover, package, etc.).

EDI Formats

  • All VDA-formats (text-based and EDIFACT-based) such as VDA4905, VDA4913, VDA4984, etc.
  • EDIFACT-based formats (DELFOR, DESADV, AVIEXP, CALDEL, etc.)
  • ANSI ASC X12 formats, especially for North America
  • Idoc for the exchange with SAP-systems and client-specific formats – such as BOSCH CSV-format etc.

… and many more

EDI Protocols

  • OFTP2
  • AS2
  • X.400
  • SFTP
  • VAN interconnects, e.g. COVISINT, INOVIS, Sterling, etc.

Carriers Award

  • ODETTE label generation
  • VDA label generation
  • Further on request

Benefits of Web EDI

  • Simple portal for all business partners without EDI systems
  • EDI connection to all your business partners – even those without ERP systems
  • No EDI expertise necessary
  • Fast implementation, fast activation
  • Low-cost solution – requires no expensive software


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