Solutions for SAP clients – and your SAP is EDI-ready in no time

EDI integration – directly in your SAP system

A seamless connection between EDI and SAP

In cooperation with our SAP partner EPO Consulting GmbH we have fine-tuned our innovative ERPEL interface with the EPO Connector so that it can fully integrate into SAP ERP. This not only facilitates smooth message transmission, but also enables end-to-end message monitoring in the SAP user-interface for the first time.

Thereby, the EDI monitoring is an integral part of the ERP system and no additional login to an EDI monitor is necessary. Using the IDoc editor of the EPO connector, SAP users may easily edit IDocs with a modern HTML5 user interface. The cumbersome editing of IDocs using transactions BD87 or WE19 is a thing of the past.

IDocs on the go

All data is exchanged via a connection with ecosio.MessagingHub. To do this, ecosio uses the EPO Consulting’s EPO connector to integrate the ecosio API interface (and, therefore, EDI) directly into the SAP system. The EPO connector is adapted to suit the individual requirements of each company and each IDoc format. The direct integration via API creates a simple solution for the exchange of EDI messages.

Learn more about an EDI connection using the EPO connector in the EPO Connector case study.

SAP end-to-end monitoring tracks all data-exchange transactions.

End-to-end monitoring

We make it possible to track data exchange in real time and to monitor exchange transactions using a SAP user interface, so you can see whether a business partner has received and confirmed data. Thanks to direct SAP integration, full-text search can be employed for EDI messages, and you can search for specific documents, GLNs, or product names.

Our tip

You may even benefit from the ecosio SAP EDI solution if you already have an integration solution in place. Thanks to the direct end-to-end monitoring, your team always has a complete overview of the status of all exchanged documents.

Philipp Liegl, Managing Director
ecosio GmbH