Team: Talent Acquisition

Mission: Scouring the scene for talented individuals to join the ecosio team

What do you do at ecosio?

I work as a Talent Acquisition Partner. In other words I’m responsible for finding new ecosians. Here my focus lies on finding people for technical positions. This involves clarifying requirements, training interviewers, conducting interviews, screening candidates and searching for new colleagues.

What does a typical week look like? 

Every week is different as we’re always dealing with different candidates and roles, but generally the week will start with a team meeting where we discuss the priorities for the week, after which I go through the new applications we’ve received. I usually also spend some time on other topics such as employer branding or bias and diversity training.

Do you work remotely or from the office?

I currently work fully remotely as I live outside of Vienna. Thankfully this isn’t an issue as ecosio is remote-friendly and our interview process is mostly done virtually, though if their team is located in Vienna, we do offer candidates the option to come and meet their future colleagues in person during the final stage of the hiring process.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I think the most rewarding thing is helping candidates through the recruiting process. You start to build a relationship with them after a couple of interviews and it’s great when you get to make them an offer. When they accept it’s really nice to see them as ecosians in the company, bringing in their ideas, developing and making an impact.

What makes someone a good fit for ecosio?

I think someone who wants to join ecosio has to enjoy what they do, and like being challenged. We’re a growing company, which means things change all the time, so flexibility is really important.

Do you feel you personally have grown since you started at ecosio?

Yes, I feel like I’ve grown a lot. I was lucky enough to join the team when we already had great experts, and I was able to learn a lot from them. Since I started my role has evolved and I’ve learned loads in a short space of time. At ecosio if you want more responsibility all you need to do is say so, and you will be encouraged to take on new projects.

What is your next big challenge? 

There are a couple! We’re currently in the middle of setting up a new applicant tracking system (ATS), plus we’re also just about to roll out internal bias and diversity training. These are both really important and will help us make our recruiting process more efficient and a great experience for everyone.

What does being “an ecosian” mean to you?

Being “an ecosian”…hmm… I think to me that means pulling together in the same direction and supporting each other. You can really feel the team spirit not just in individual departments, but across the whole organisation. It sounds cliché but it’s true!

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