Thursday 29 April 10.00AM BST

How to Change Your Customers' Lives with Efficient EDI in SAP®

Aimed at SAP consultants and integration architects at SAP Partners, this webinar provides helpful guidance on how a futureproof, streamlined and reliable EDI solution can be achieved within various SAP systems.

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As supply chains depend on swift, reliable data exchange, it is no surprise the last few years have seen EDI usage grow steadily. As a result, offering a powerful and reliable EDI solution can be hugely effective at differentiating you from competitors and relieving clients’ frustrations.

Unfortunately, however, with large partner networks, message monitoring in SAP systems can be a challenge. Moreover, tracking message status across multiple nodes (e.g. your own EDI service provider, VAN provider and the recipient’s EDI service provider) is tricky, particularly if it requires different internal communication channels and monitoring of multiple mailboxes. This in turn can be further complicated by the existence of custom solutions which only cover parts of the field.

In this webinar (which will also include a Q&A session) we explore how you can solve these problems for your customers. By the end you’ll understand exactly what efficient EDI in SAP looks like and what you need to do to ensure your next project is a success.

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Dr. Philipp Liegl

At ecosio Philipp is responsible for the operational business and coordinates the customer projects. Thereby, he consults international companies in the development of appropriate concepts and solutions for the realization of electronic data interchange – mainly in SAP ERP environments.

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