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A CIO's Guide to Electronic Data Interchange and B2B Integration

What is electronic data interchange (EDI), what difference can it really make to your business, what does the future of supply chain data automation look like and why should you care? Join us to find out the answer to these questions... and many more!

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Are you prepared for process digitisation?

Is your business one of the many supply chain organisations still relying on overly complicated B2B data exchange processes? If so, are you aware of where and how your current systems could be improved?

Given the potential impact that even small data errors can have on your business if not resolved swiftly, retaining legacy B2B systems today represents a significant gamble. Further, given how cost and time intensive poor supply chain document exchange systems can be, inaction can prove very expensive.

In addition more and more E-invoicing requirements are introduced all over Europe and on an international level. Being compliant with these new legislations becomes imperative for international businesses.

In this webinar we help IT decision makers identify how to implement positive change, looking in detail at the steps you can take to streamline key B2B processes and future-proof your business.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to identify if your current systems are costing you time and money
  • On-premise and cloud-based solutions – a comparison
  • The secret to fast and simple partner onboarding
  • What are the benefits of deep EDI-ERP integration?
  • Staying compliant with e-invoicing requirements

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Dr. Philipp Liegl

At ecosio Philipp is responsible for the operational business and coordinates the customer projects. Thereby, he consults international companies in the development of appropriate concepts and solutions for the realization of electronic data interchange – mainly in SAP ERP environments.

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