Team: Onboarding & Operations

Mission: make sure EDI stays hassle-free for our customers

What’s your role at ecosio?

I’ve been an Integration Engineer at ecosio now for around four years. My job is to take care of customer onboarding and make sure messages are flowing correctly. On a day-to-day basis that means handling exceptions, resolving errors and answering customer questions. I’m also the link between the customer and our developers. This means that whenever mappings need to be amended it’s my job to communicate this to ensure it gets sorted.

What does a typical week at ecosio look like for you?

It really depends what phase the project I’m working on is at. Usually my week involves meetings and phone calls with customers, as well as working on mappings with ecosio’s Document Engineers. I also handle general tasks such as certificate changes and message monitoring. But no two weeks are exactly the same…which keeps things interesting!

Are you currently working mainly remotely?

Yes. I prefer working from home because of my kids. Having twins, it definitely simplifies my life! It means that if my wife has to quickly visit the doctor or handle any urgent matters during the day, for example, I’m available.

I also find having the ability to work from home useful as the workload can sometimes be a bit hard to predict. Having a good office setup at home allows me to attend to any unexpected phone calls or tasks that may come up in the evenings easily.

What is your favourite part of your job?

I really enjoy the connection with customers. I love the unpredictability of the issues I encounter and being the one to help customers find solutions to their problems. You would think that after four years I don’t see much that I haven’t seen before, but almost every day brings something new!

I also really enjoy working with my colleagues at ecosio. As an Integration Engineer, it’s up to me to make sure customer requests are solved, which often means coordinating with technical experts internally to reach the desired result, and working together with my colleagues on these challenges is something I find very fulfilling.

Do you receive positive feedback from customers?

The plus side of being the first point of contact for customers is that I receive a lot of feedback from customers regarding our speed and responsiveness. They really appreciate how quickly we address their concerns and how flexible we are in accommodating their needs – particularly when it comes to mapping changes. Often they’ve had very different experiences with previous EDI providers and they’re amazed when we’re able to resolve issues the same day.

Have you grown since joining ecosio?

I started in October 2019. Since joining ecosio I’ve grown a lot I think. Being the main contact for customers, I’ve learned to handle various responsibilities. Managing multiple projects simultaneously and prioritising tasks has helped me enhance my organisational skills and resilience. It’s been a journey that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

How does ecosio differ from previous places you’ve worked?

I think definitely one of the main differences is the colleagues. Even though I mostly work remotely, I still feel connected to everyone. The company has a great culture and new joiners always seem to settle in fast. Plus the team and company events are great fun. In my previous jobs, everyone mostly worked on tasks by themselves, at ecosio everybody is working towards company goals together.

Another great aspect is the flexibility we have. Not only are we able to work remotely, we’re also able to work when it suits us best. If you need to leave early or start late, for example, this is no problem.

I also appreciate the autonomy we have in managing our projects. While there are obviously timelines we need to meet, we are mostly our own bosses in how we handle projects. There’s no one constantly watching over our shoulders.

What qualities would make someone a good fit at ecosio?

I think that everyone at ecosio really values people who are friendly, open-minded, enthusiastic and enjoyable to be around. Having the ability to prioritise and structure tasks efficiently is also crucial. Anyone who fosters a positive and fun work environment will be highly valued at ecosio, as the people make the company!

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