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Vedagor Kurnos

Mapping Engineer

Vladimir Kurnos graduated from Zaporizhzhya National Technical University (ZNTU, Ukraine) with a degree in computer systems and networks. After graduating, Vladimir worked in different areas of computer technologies including telecommunications, design and administration of computer networks, as well as web development. Most of all though, he has been interested in the integration of computer systems and EDI.

Once it was clear that this was the field he wanted to specialize in, Vedagor started his career as mapping developer for document transformations at ecosio. Highly experienced and well-disciplined as a freelancer, Vedagor has quickly become a professional in the field of Electronic Document Interchange. Accuracy, precision, and perseverance – these are the main qualities required for his job.

In his free time Vedagor is keen to train his body and spirit. He is the founder of the Center of Development for Slavic Vedic Culture and helps people to become healthier and happier. Vedagor is 15 minutes younger than Vladimir.