Get to know Kranthi Mailaram

A reliable network

Kranthi Mailaram

Mapping Engineer

Kranthi Mailaram got his A-Levels from TGM Vienna with a focus on Electronics and Network Technology. Afterwards, he started to study Informatics at TU Vienna. After a year, he decided to continue his studies at the university of applied sciences FH Technikum Vienna. In addition to his studies, Kranthi worked part-time in the food service industry where he could improve his skills in teamwork, communication and dealing with customers.

At ecosio Kranthi works as an EDI mapping engineer. He uses his skills and knowledge acquired during his studies by supporting the mapping team in analysing and converting data formats for electronic data interchange.

In his spare time, Kranthi enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball with his friends, and otherwise enjoys cooking Indian or Italian delicacies.