Supplier Relationship Management

Digitisation of supplier processes

Automate procurement processes and digitise network data with Supplier Relationship Management

EDI's central role

Businesses increasingly focus on electronic data interchange (EDI), which connects internal systems with those of business partners to exchange data and documents easily. Using EDI, automatic orders can be sent to suppliers whenever the inventory needs restocking. The EDI landscape creates and transmits all related documents such as delivery notes and orders, relieving the procurement department of these routine tasks.

When utilising EDI effectively, supplier relationship management can improve workflows, relieve procurement teams, and help your business to gain a competitive advantage through accurate data forecasting.

Reach all your suppliers via a single connection

EDI providers offer tools for procurement processes which convert and transmit all required formats and EDI protocols. For example, clients of ecosio use a central connection between their ERP system and ecosio and reach all their business partners this way. Based on current developments in the area of e-Invoicing, companies like to rely on EDI providers to meet the various requirements for sending and receiving invoices worldwide.

Connect to all suppliers with Web EDI

ecosio even allows you to connect to those suppliers without an EDI system of their own using our web-based EDI access portal. With Web EDI by ecosio, your business partners can easily send and receive documents via their browsers.

Supplier management via the Supplier Portal

Companies who would like to use an SRM system in addition to their EDI solution can benefit from obtaining both services from the same provider. This ensures the two solutions are guaranteed to work together smoothly and without the need for additional conversions. For example, with ecosio’s solution the SRM Supplier Portal provides helpful support processes to the central EDI processes of Web EDI.

EDI connections using any protocol of choice

Your benefits with ecosio

  • Access to VANS and EDI services worldwide via one single connection to ecosio Integration Hub
  • Worry-free connection to new VANs or a replacement for existing VAN connections
  • Direct integration of EDI messages in your own ERP system via ecosio API
  • 24/7 Monitoring of all connections by ecosio and proactive error information and troubleshooting
  • Elimination of high VAN-routing expenses
  • Cost transparency through simple message-based billing
  • Professional support from ecosio’s expert team
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Digitising Supplier Processes

What’s involved and how your business can benefit


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