Managed EDI services – optimize your existing EDI processes

Managed EDI services

With the appropriate infrastructure, know-how, and tailored software solutions, the electronic execution of business processes can be organized very effectively. ecosio offers everything your company needs to make this happen.

ecosio provides routing, conversion, digital signature, and archiving, all performed by specialists who are a driving force in the latest technical and academic developments in the field of EDI. ecosio provides continuous technical monitoring using ecosio.Monitor, and comprehensive maintenance services, including the renewal of certificates, creation of new document mappings or partner connections, and more.


ecosio uses the ecosio.MessagingHub to transmit electronic data quickly and safely in any format. This one simple connection allows your company to reach all of your EDI partners. You can connect to the ecosio.MessagingHub via SFTP, AS2, RESTful API or EFEX-Client. Your EDI partners can be reached via any established protocol, such as AS2, X.400, SFTP/FTPS, HTTPS, OFTP2, PEPPOL, SMTP or the RESTful API. ecosio provides round-the-clock monitoring of EDI message exchange and ensures an undisturbed, continuous connection with your business partners. Using ecosio’s routing saves your company manpower and internal resources, reducing costs in this area by up to 40%.


Using ecosio’s data conversion services allows companies to avoid investing in expensive software licenses for local EDI converters and ongoing maintenance efforts. ecosio translates the source formats using dedicated document mappings in the output format. ecosio supports all EDI formats, including EDIFACT, VDA, ANSI ASC X12, XML, CSV, TXT, IDoc, and various in-house formats – so your company can choose a format that can be directly imported into your ERP system.

Digital signature

Another of our managed EDI services is digital signature, which validates the authenticity and integrity of a message. After a successful test phase during running operations, all messages are automatically signed before delivery during all-out operations.


Generally, messages are saved for three months for ecosio’s messaging-infrastructure monitoring purposes. Longer archiving periods can be arranged on request.


The ecosio.Monitor provides a real-time overview of the current status of all EDI exchange processes. Additionally, the ecosio.MessagingHub provides an API interface that can be used to integrate end-to-end monitoring in your company’s system – keeping you in complete control of all EDI messages.