Getting started with EDI – and everything becomes easier

Why EDI? Because it makes everything easier!

Fully transparent and comprehensible

We develop EDI products that grow with your business; we plan dynamically for the long-term. All of the demands that your company will face with Industry 4.0 and flexible supply chain solutions can be simplified with ecosio. Outsourcing EDI know-how makes sense because it saves time and personnel, and keeps you on the cutting edge of technology. With our comprehensive range of EDI services, ecosio provides concepts for small, middle, and large-scale enterprises. ecosio’s tailor-made projects minimize error, facilitate business processes, and make it easy for business partners to process data. ecosio makes electronic data interchange simple – and affordable.

If you are already using an ERP system to manage your data and want to get started with EDI, ecosio offers a service package tailored to your individual requirements. If you are using one of our partners’ ERP systems (Mesonic, BMD, everbill), simply adding ecosio.ERPEL will make you 100% EDI ready. EDI functionality can also be fully integrated in SAP using ecosio.ERPEL with our partner, EPO Consulting.

Companies that don’t yet use an ERP system and / or send a limited number of electronic documents can take a first simple step into EDI using ecosio.Web.