EDI process optimization – Make the existing better

Optimization of existing EDI processes

One provider – one solution

The daily business of electronic data interchange with suppliers and business partners is expensive and complex. The great number of standards and connections makes EDI processes error-prone, and they require a significant maintenance effort from IT departments.

The easiest way to noticeably optimize current operating processes in your company is to send and receive all EDI messages via a single connection to ecosio.MessagingHub! As needed, your messages are converted into other formats, digitally signed, archived, and sent to the recipient via the appropriate protocol. Need to change or update protocols? No problem.

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ecosio.EDI provides a complete end-to-end solution for managed EDI services, including routing, conversion, digital signature, and archiving. ecosio.Monitor, our tool for continuous monitoring, is available to all of our clients. Internal EDI efforts are reduced to an absolute minimum.

EDI roll out

We are happy to support you in connecting your business partners and convincing them of the advantages of EDI. Suppliers often shy away from the efforts of EDI connection – but smart technical connections with business partners will become ever more important in the future. ecosio will gladly and convincingly illustrate the advantages of EDI systems for your business partners.

SAP EDI – Managed services from ecosio

ecosio enables EDI directly from your SAP system, by allowing the EPO Consulting’s individualized connector to directly access the ecosio.MessagingHub API. IDoc documents can be automatically sent and received. For the first time ever, this solution also allows for end-to-end monitoring and full text searches for EDI messages directly in SAP.

EDI services

We provide the full spectrum of EDI services, from converting to archiving, thereby reducing your internal EDI efforts to an absolute minimum.

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EDI roll out

Looking for a fast and easy way to connect all your suppliers? Let ecosio manage clarification, training, and organization.

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SAP clients

Add the appropriate API interface to the ecosio.MessagingHub to enable EDI directly from your SAP system.

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ecosio.Monitor – is everything under control?

ecosio.Monitor gives you a comprehensive overview of all incoming and outgoing EDI messages, all the time.

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Our tip

So many companies struggle to manage and maintain their EDI systems in-house, investing a great deal of time, personnel, and money. ecosio provides an opportunity to greatly reduce effort and costs.

Christoph Ebm, Managing Director
ecosio GmbH