EDI Integration with SAP

Direct EDI integration in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

With the SAP EDI solutions from ecosio, your SAP ERP or SAP S / 4HANA system becomes the EDI control center. Receipt confirmations of EDI messages can be viewed directly in SAP and the department always has the necessary overview - including the option to intervene if necessary.

Grafik Onboarding und Monitoring

EDI as central component of your SAP

SAP systems today are highly cross-linked IT infrastructures controlling the processes with suppliers, clients, logistics providers, banks and other business partners. For fully electronic processing, IDocs come into play – followed by the SAP solutions by ecosio.

IDocs are exchanged with the SAP system via a central connection to ecosio Integration Hub. The conversion from and to the target formats of your various business partners takes place directly in the Integration Hub. It also handles the delivery and status updates of your messages.

Your SAP system requires just one connection to ecosio Integration Hub to become your EDI control centre – including full text search of all your EDI messages and the option to edit stalled IDocs.

Supported SAP ERP versions

  • SAP ERP ECC 6.0 (all EHP versions)
  • SAP S/4HANA (all versions) on-premise and in the Cloud

In addition to the solutions for SAP and SAP S / 4HANA, ecosio also offers integrations for SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign.

Partner onboarding

Full flexibility - in every application scenario

Integration possibilities at a glance

Each company has its own unique SAP system landscape and associated components. Some businesses have no system integration in use, while others still run on an old SAP Business Connector, or rely on local EDI converters or solutions by SAP – such as SAP Process Integration or SAP Process Orchestration. Another option is SAP Cloud Platform with SAP Cloud Integration.

ecosio takes these different system landscapes into account and offers tailor-made solutions for every application scenario.

Direct integration

The integration is attained by ecosio via a separate ABAP programme acting as middleware between SAP and ecosio. Communication is encrypted and happens with ecosio API via HTTPS. Additionally, end-to-end monitoring of EDI messages and full-text search of all EDI messages directly in SAP GUI make this solution the professional choice.

Integration with existing SAP components

If a business is already set up with integration solutions such as SAP PI or SAP PO, a connection with ecosio is even simpler. In this case, ecosio takes on only the routing and/or mapping of EDI messages. If required, ecosio Integration Hub also offers full-text search of all EDI messages.

Routing Only

A company with a conversion solution – using a local EDI converter or converting via the SAP system – can entrust ecosio with the secure delivery of EDI messages to its various business partners. This saves the cost and time intensive maintenance of an EDI connection. Additionally, ecosio takes on 24/7 monitoring of all EDI messaging.

How can ecosio benefit you?

Ready for EDI requirements

  • EDI requirements of partner companies covered through one single connection to the ecosio Integration Hub
  • Support for all EDI formats and EDI protocols as well as worldwide roaming in any kind of Value Added Network (VAN) or third party network
  • Transmission of all types of IDocs and Z-IDocs

Visibility and control

  • Central monitoring of EDI data exchange directly in the SAP system, including message tracking
  • No need to leave the SAP GUI and log in to third-party systems
  • Post-processing and reprocessing of IDocs via the user-friendly IDoc editor

Grafik ecosio Integration Hub

EDI / Functionality

All your partners on one platform

We are a leading provider in the realm of business connectivity with expertise in deep EDI/ERP integration, conversion and routing of EDI messages.

ecosio / References

Case Studies

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White paper

Local EDI conversion vs. Managed EDI

Should EDI be operated with a local software solution or be purchased externally as a managed service from an EDI service provider?

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