EVA - e-Invoicing for Austria

An e-Invoicing infrastructure for Austria


During the course of the EU project EVA - e-Invoicing for Austria, project number 2015-AT-IA-0049, a digital service infrastructure will be developed, allowing Austrian administration bodies to receive electronic invoices according to the EU directive 2015/55/EU. The EU directive mandates all EU administration bodies to accept electronic invoices issued in the EU e-invoice standard format. The EU e-invoice standard is currently being developed and defines an invoice on a semantic level. This means that the exact content of an invoice is defined in natural language. Consequently, the EU will name two formats, which may be used to represent an EU e-invoice in a machine readable manner. Currently, the two candidates are Universal Business Language (UBL) und UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice (CII). The Austrian administration bodies are now facing the challenge, that they must be able to accept and process UBL and CII-invoices by the end of 2018.

Project description

The goal of EVA is the development of an infrastructure, allowing administration bodies to fulfill the requirements of the EU directive. As part of the project ecosio will extend the ecosio messaging infrastructure, thus allowing it to receive electronic invoices according to the EU directive. As outline in the following figure, administration bodies are given two options in order to retrieve electronic invoices which have been received for them by ecosio.

Overview of the project EVA

Technical infrastructure, realized as part of the project EVA

Administration bodies using their own software such as IT-Kommunal may fetch their electronic invoices directly from their software. Thereby, the software accesses the invoices on the ecosio messaging infrastructure using the ERPEL API.

Administration bodies without their own software may access the electronic invoices using the ecosio web portal. The access to the web portal is realized using the single-sign-on solution of Kommunalnet. Thus, no additional login to the ecosio web portal is necessary.

Work packages

  • AP 1 - Project Management
  • AP 2 - EU Data Model
  • AP 3 - MessagingHub API
  • AP 4 - API Service Clients
  • AP 5 - Web Access
  • AP 6 - Implementation Verification
  • AP 7 - Training and Support

Project partners

Further e-Invoicing projects

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This project has been funded as part of the CEF Telecom program 2015-AT-IA-0049 of the European Union under the grant agreement number INEA/CEF/ICT/A2015/1141336.

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