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Researching connections

The integration of academic thought and professional experience is what sets ecosio apart.

Research and development are important topics for ecosio. As partners in national and international standardization projects, our management team is contributing to the development of the e-business standards of the future. In close cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology, we are developing new and innovative solutions for EDI. On the national level, ecosio‘s Head of Research, Prof. Dr. Christian Huemer, is leading the technical development of the ebInterface standards for AUSTRIAPRO (Austrian Chamber of Commerce). On an international level, he is the highest ranked technical consultant to UN/CEFACT, the standardization organization for the UN / EDIFACT standard.

EDI needs standards

Standards have to be maintainable, and at the same time in continual evolution to allow for open, future-oriented communication. The ecosio management team contributes to a variety of standardizing bodies.


CEFACT stands for Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business / United Nations. Among other things, CEFACT is responsible for the international data standard EDIFACT and is one of the initiators of ebXML.

ebInterface / AUSTRIAPRO

ebInterface is the Austrian XML invoicing standard, and AUSTRIAPRO is the B2B standardization platform within the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.


RosettaNet is a non-profit consortium of more than 600 companies worldwide. The consortium’s goal is to standardize data communication interfaces for two-way data exchange.


ebXML stands for electronic business using XML. The goal of the initiative is to develop a technical framework for the use of XML for electronic business processes and to reduce barriers to entry for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Research cooperation

Together with our research partners, we are researching and developing EDI. New standards can only be set through consistent further development of EDI.


The Business Informatics Group (BIG) is a research group at the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems at the Vienna University of Technology.


The Electronic Commerce Group is a research group at the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems at the Vienna University of Technology.

Research projects

EU project EVA - e-Invoicing for Austria

During the course of the EU project EVA, a digital service infrastructure will be developed, allowing Austrian authorities to receive electronic invoices according to EU directive 2014/55/EU.


ERPEL (ERP Exchange Language) connects financial accounting / ERP systems. Instead of exchanging business documents in paper form, they are sent electronically and directly to the ERPEL platform via the ERPEL interface.

DigiTrans 4.0

The innovation lecture DigiTrans 4.0 teaches process know-how in relation to industry 4.0 to employees of Austrian companies. As part of the project team, ecosio delivers input in relation to value networks.


The EDImine project is a partnership with the Vienna University of Technology and the Eindhoven University of Technology. The project is funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF).


Since 01.01.2014 ebInterface is the official e-Invoice standard for all electronic invoices sent to the Republic of Austria. Together with TU Vienna ecosio actively participates in the standardization of the ebInterface standard as part of the e-Billing working group of AUSTRIAPRO.