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Sonepar Österreich

An integrated solution for maximum client satisfaction

"This project was a win for everyone involved. Thanks to ecosio‘s integrated EDI solution and master data management, we were able to significantly increase process efficiency and client satisfaction."

Martin Haiderer, IT-Director, Sonepar Österreich

Sonepar Österreich GmbH is a market leader in Austrian electronics wholesale, selling electronic goods from leading national and international manufacturers to clients in trade, retail, and industry. As part of the Sonepar Deutschland Group, the Austrian branch engages approximately 340 employees in eleven subsidiaries.

In the electronics branch, business processes digitalization is well established, and EDI use is widely accepted. Sonepar Österreich has been working with automated electronic data interchange for quite a while. Originally, the EDI service provider ATOS connected Sonepar with clients and suppliers. In spite of good cooperation, over time Sonepar became motivated to renew their technological infrastructure. When the decision was made to add a client master data solution, Sonepar’s IT Director Martin Haiderer contacted ecosio. Familiar with client-side needs, ecosio delivered an integrated EDI solution that could fulfill all EDI requirements simply, without switching user interfaces. And ecosio was happy to work with Sonepar to develop a master data solution that could be ea- sily integrated.

“Centralized management, automated updating, and client-specific product master data providedby ecosio.Data have lead to significant time savings for our internal sales department. Even printing costs have been reduced.”

Martin Haiderer, IT-Director, Sonepar Österreich

Managing large volumes of data

As an electronic goods wholesaler, Sonepar works with an enormous amount of product master data from numerous manufacturers. Updating and providing product catalogues for clients is time intensive and includes high error potential. Using various media to transmit data and manage ordering processes is tedious for clients. “We urgently needed an innovative solution for product master data to offer clients better service and improve our processes”, explains Martin Haiderer, IT Director at Sonepar Österreich.

Through initial discussions, it quickly became clear that EDI process management with clients and suppliers also needed to be brought up to date. After reflecting with the ecosio project team, it was clear for Martin Haiderer that integrating EDI functionalities in the ERP system’s user interface was the right solution to meet clients’ expectations. In conjunction with master data management, a solution was created for all formats and business partners that significantly improves the client ordering process, giving Sonepar a quantifiable competitive advantage.

“We were motivated by Sonepar Österreich’s project requirements. Automated master data management is an innovative addition to ecosio.ERPEL, our interface that connects ERP systems. Automatic provision and updating of master data is the cherry on top for maximum usability.”

Marco Zapletal, Managing Director, ecosio GmbH

ecosio.Data revolutionizes purchasing processes

Before the Sonepar and ecosio project teams could begin developing new tools, the technical requirements had to be defined. “We didn’t have previous experience in the electronics industry. The different requirements and standards for the industry-specific ERP systems posed a bit of a challenge,” remembers Marco Zapletal, Managing Director at ecosio GmbH.

Since implementing ecosio.Data, Sonepar can now provide many clients with product catalogue data at the same time, and ecosio.Data updates the data daily. Incremental updates save bandwidth and time, because only data that has been changed since the last download is updated.

The comprehensive filtering possibilities make it possible to issue client-specific product catalogues with individual prices. ecosio’s central interface for master data is compatible with numerous master data formats and standards.

Automatic updating of product master data immensely reduces the potential for error. At the same time, Sonepar’s processes are more streamlined and efficient, leading to improved client service.

EDI with maximum usability

ecosio.ERPEL was perfectly suited to provide not only processes for product master data, but also a modern solution for automated document exchange. For Sonepar Österreich, ecosio connected leading industry-specific ERP systems, such as those manufactured by PraKom, KORAM, DGR, comtech, MEHR Data, and TAIFUN to the ecosio.MessagingHub using ERPEL integration. These systems cover the majority of Austria’s electronics market, meaning hundreds of Sonepar clients benefit directly from the cost-efficient and fully integrated EDI solution.

“We’re pleased to have taken part in this ground-breaking project. The integration of ecosio.ERPEL with ecosio.Data constitutes a significant competitive advantage for Sonepar, since all business partners benefit from efficient processes.”

Christoph Ebm, Managing Director, ecosio GmbH

ecosio’s interface to connect ERP systems offers maximum usability through deep integration in the user interface. Sending orders, receiving and editing invoices, monitoring of all messages, and even managing product master data can all take place without leaving the familiar UI.

The interface connects ERP systems to the ecosio.MessagingHub, making EDI possible with all business partners in all formats.ecosio manages not only the setup of all EDI connections, but also administration and central 24/7 monitoring. Product master data updates (in the formats DATANORM4, DATANORM5, BMEcat, custom) take place automatically using the ecosio interface.

Full integration

The combination of ecosio.ERPEL and ecosio.Data gives Sonepar Österreich a powerful toolset to process all EDI agendas and centrally manage all clients’ catalogue and product data. Sonepar clients that use one of the connected ERP systems benefit from the “pre-installed” EDI connection and automatic updating and individual configuration of product catalogues – directly in their ERP system’s user interface.

The collaboration with Sonepar provided ecosio with important insights about client requirements for efficient data transmission processes that have been useful in developing new solutions. ecosio‘s technical competence, dedication, and competent project implementation were assets on this project.

“ecosio is an innovative company with the power to turn ideas into action. Within two years, ecosio created a significant advance for our processes that ensures our leading role in our industry.”

Martin Haiderer, IT-Director, Sonepar Österreich

In a nutshell


  • Modern EDI solution and master data management with simple integration in numerous ERP systems

Facts and figures

  • Project timeline: October 2015 – December 2017
  • Connected partners: 60, using ERPEL integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX and industry-specific ERP system vendors PraKom, KORAM, DGR, comtech, MEHR Data, TAIFUN


In parallel:

  • Installation of ecosio.Data
    • Generated article databases (possible output formats: DATANORM4, DATANORM5, BMEcat, custom)
    • Constructed the web interface
    • Added web services for automatic updates
  • New development and integration of the ERPEL interface in Microsoft Dynamics AX to connect Sonepar with the ecosio.MessagingHub
    • Provided ERPEL documentation
    • Tested message transmission
    • Parallel operation
    • Go Live
  • Set up ERPEL interface for industry-specific ERP systems vendors (PraKom, KORAM, DGR, comtech, MEHR Data, TAIFUN) to connect Sonepar clients and suppliers with the ecosio.MessagingHub


  • ecosio.ERPEL – EDI interface that integrates with ERP systems
  • ecosio.Data – ecosio’s master data solution


More technical details about ecosio products are provided here.


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