Case studies – our success story with Carl Schmidt Sohn
Carl Schmidt Sohn

EDI in record time

“Connecting to the ecosio.MessagingHub was the logical first step toward making data exchange faster and easier.”

Oliver Schöne, Managing Director, Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH

Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH, headquartered in Solingen, Germany, has been developing and selling knives, utensils, tableware, and iron kitchenware since 1829. Since the 1980s, a wide variety of kitchen equipment including flatware, cookware, and baking dishes, has been sold at affordable prices under the brand name CS KOCHSYSTEME. The company currently employs approximately 19 people in Germany and its subsidiary in Cyprus.

After hearing positive reports of clients’ experiences with EDI, in 2015 Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH decided to automate their own business processes using EDI. After initial attempts with a different provider, Oliver Schöne, Managing Director of Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH, found ecosio through online research.

Stepping into the future with EDI

Oliver Schöne explains that the goals of the project were quickly defined: “Connecting our internal ERP system, SAP Business One, with the ecosio.MessagingHub was the logical first step toward making data exchange faster and easier.”

The company can connect with its business partners using AS2, X.400, SFTP/FTPS, HTTPS, OFTP2, PEPPOL, or a RESTful API. If none of these solutions is possible, EFEX-client can be locally installed to create the connection with ecosio.MessagingHub.

“With just one connection, the ecosio.MessagingHub fulfills all EDI requirements and connects Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH with all of their business partners.”

Marco Zapletal, Managing Director, ecosio GmbH

Messages are converted into the desired output format at the ecosio.MessagingHub and then delivered to the recipient – and vice versa. ecosio manages EDI partner onboarding, from configuration through to the maintenance of various protocols and documents.

“The Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH team was very pleased not only with ecosio’s cooperation throughout the process, but also with the result.”

Oliver Schöne, Managing Director, Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH

Routing and conversion

Before ecosio could begin implementing the EDI processes, Carl Schmit Sohn GmbH‘s data and processes had to be properly prepared. “Our biggest challenge with regards to EDI processes was an internal one: creating the data and information in our SAP Business One ERP system,” reports Marie Apel from the sales department.

Now that the connection with ecosio.MessagingHub is in place, data is sent to the MessagingHub in SAP format. There, ecosio converts the message to the recipient’s desired format and delivers the message. Conversely, messages to Carl Schmit are converted to their SAP format and relayed to their ERP system. The ecosio.Monitor enables uninterrupted monitoring of every message. SFTP is used for communication between Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH’s SAP Business One and the ecosio.MessagingHub, and the respective pre-defined transmission protocol is used to forward messages from ecosio.MessagingHub to the recipient.

ecosio manages the clarification of data formats and data protocols with Schmidt’s partners METRO, EDEKA, Kaufland and MARKANT, and ensures undisturbed data transfer and continuous monitoring.

Experience and competence

ecosio’s comprehensive service package was the deciding factor when Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH chose to introduce EDI with ecosio. Oliver Schöne reports, “Routing and conversion with ecosio.EDI has brought numerous advantages. In addition to time savings thanks to the simplification and automation of processes, our paper use has also decreased significantly. Cooperating with ecosio was a great experience”. Oliver Schöne especially appreciated ecosio’s service commitment, and the team’s speed, flexibility, and competence.

Expert support

ecosio’s experts are personally engaged in developing concepts and solving problems.

“It’s the personal support from our expert team that makes it possible for us to react quickly to problems and respond to client wishes in record time.”

Christoph Ebm, Managing Director, ecosio GmbH

“Thanks to ecosio’s quick reaction times and reliability, the EDI connection process was quick and easy for Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH,” says Marie Apel.

In a nutshell

Facts and figures

  • Cooperation since July 2015
  • In use since: August 2015
  • Connected partners:
    • Kaufland (ORDERS)


  • Connection of Carl Schmidt Sohn GmbH’s SAP Buiness One with ecosio.MessagingHub
  • Contacting business partners and assessing their EDI requirements
  • Business partner onboarding using individual protocols
  • Document mapping
  • Going live


  • Fast and easy EDI solution without having to build up internal EDI know-how
  • International coordination with the SAP Business One Customizer in Cyprus


  • Routing and conversion with ecosio.EDI


ecosio.EDI – ecosio’s flexible and individual EDI solution


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