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BMD Systemhaus Software

An innovative connection

“For me, ERPEL is the most important step taken in recent years toward establishing new EDI standards in Austria.”

Dr. Jürgen Palkoska,
Development Director for merchandise managing systems at BMD

BMD is a business software producer, and one of the leading software companies in Austria. Founded in 1972 in Steyr, today the company has over 400 employees and 27,000 customers in Austria and its neighboring countries.

ERPEL equals success

BMD is setting new benchmarks by being one of the first ERP producers in Austria to integrate ERPEL, ecosio’s innovative solution for networking financial accounting / ERP systems. Dr. Jürgen Palkoska, Development Director for merchandise managing systems at BMD, reflects on the early days of this successful cooperation: “We began cooperating with ecosio through the ERPEL research project, through which ERPEL was developed together with the Vienna University of Technology and other ERP producers. Our goal was to establish new standards for electronic data interchange and increase client value.” Dr. Marco Zapletal and Dr. Philipp Liegl were driving forces on the project. “It was clear from the beginning that BMD would integrate the ERPEL interface in our ERP system”, Palkoska reports. ERP producers had long faced a challenge: “Whenever supplier and client used differing ERP software, we had to find a solution to synchronize the two. Programming these interfaces was costly.” The question was, “how can we allow different systems to communicate with each other in an easy and cost-efficient manner?” ERPEL provided the ideal solution. Palkoska tells us: “For me, ERPEL is the most important step taken in recent years toward establishing new EDI standards in Austria.”

NTCS integrates ERPEL

ERPEL is now integrated in BMD’s NTCS ERP system, allowing a direct connection to the ecosio.MessagingHub. “Our software communicates via the ERPEL interface, and the user doesn’t even notice. Sending, receiving, and monitoring are all rendered transparent thanks to the integrated interface.” A single prefabricated interface to the ecosio.MessagingHub supports all EDI requirements. Where clients previously printed out and sent hardcopy invoices, the ERP system now sends electronic invoices in the background using ERPEL. Receiving new messages is just as simple: new messages are automatically retrieved by ecosio.MessagingHub.

BMD Systemhaus Software

The cooperation between BMD and ecosio is a classic win-win situation. Whereas in the past, individual programming incurred high costs, ecosio can now affordably provide the majority of EDI interfaces. EDI is now easier than ever: all EDI requirements can be conveniently mapped using ecosio managed EDI services.

“The ERPEL interface makes our clients 100% EDI ready” emphasizes Marco Zapletal, ecosio’s Head of Technology. “ERPEL not only connects to ERPEL, but also to all other existing EDI systems.” The ERPEL interface allows documents to be sent straight to the ecosio.MessagingHub and transferred from there to the recipient, either in ERPEL format or in any format required by the partner. ERP systems with ERPEL support are also perfectly equipped to connect with business partners that prefer classic EDI solutions like EDIFACT via X.400 or AS2 The ecosio.MessagingHub manages conversions and delivery via the desired communication protocol, making it easy to exchange offers, invoices, orders, or shipping notices via EDI, any time. A further advantage of the system is its minimal setup and transmission costs, which makes it suitable for enterprises of all sizes. BMD and ecosio are currently developing a further interface for master data and catalogue exchange, to be released at the end of 2015. It goes without saying that all communication will be transferred via a secure connection.

“ecosio is the perfect partner for all things EDI! We continue to optimize our EDI module and are looking forward to developing even more innovative solutions for our clients with ecosio”, confirms Palkoska.

“The ERPEL interface makes our clients 100% EDI ready.”

Marco Zapletal, Managing Director, ecosio GmbH

In a nutshell

Advantages to partnership with ecosio

  • EDI experts who can tailor solutions to client needs
  • Excellent customer service
  • One contact partner – one EDI partner – one central interface
  • ERPEL is integrated as a native feature in any ERP system
  • Innovative add-on for maximum client value
  • No complicated interface programming
  • Minimum initial costs and mapping costs for ERPEL to ERPEL

Technical details

  • Support for any business partner communication protocol (X.400, AS2, OFTP2, SFTP, etc.)
  • Support for any business partner document format (EDIFACT, CSV, ebInterface, ZUGFeRD – inbound and outbound, UBL, various other XML dialects, FlatText, etc.)
  • Support for specific requirements, including digital signature
  • Proven ecosio end-to-end monitoring using the BMD user interface
  • Direct communication with other BMD clients and clients with other ERPEL-enabled systems to exchange offers, orders, invoices, shipping orders, etc.
  • Exchange (send / receipt) of BMD price catalogs, both partial and complete, and conversion to EDIFACT PRICAT as needed.


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Download ecosio & BMD integration-report

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