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Tantrum Energy Drink

The German energy drink start-up TANTRUM relies on ecosio's Web EDI as a cost-efficient solution for all its EDI needs.

EDI – fast and easy

Tantrum Energy is a new product on the German drink market and can already be found in supermarkets, kiosks, bars, gas stations, convenience stores, and other stores across Germany. The four founders of the Hörrmann & Zaunbrecher GbR, founded in Tübingen in 2010, set out to create an energy drink that didn’t taste like melted gummy bears.
“Tantrum was looking for a flexible, lightweight solution”
DR. Christoph Ebm, CEO ecosio

Tantrum Energy has also been distributed to the real,- SB-Warenhaus supermarkets since 2014. Early on in the trade relationship, real,- advised Tantrum to switch to EDI for the processing of orders (ORDERS), delivery notes (DESADV), and invoices (INVOIC).

“For many SMEs and start-ups, setting up a classic EDI solution is too expensive. Tantrum was also looking for a flexible, lighter weight solution.”

Christoph Ebm, Managing Director, ecosio GmbH

EDI creates new distribution opportunities

When Tantrum’s Managing Director Timo Zaunbrecher began looking for an EDI provider, Tantrum was still transmitting trade documents by fax or email (orders and delivery notes) or by mail (invoices). It was time for a change. Zaunbrecher’s internet research led him directly to ecosio. Working with an Austrian company made sense for Tantrum, because the drink is bottled in Austria as well.

EDI independent of the ERP system

“It was important for us to create an EDI connection with real,- without having to make changes to our own ERP software,” says Timo Zaunbrecher, Tantrum’s Sales Director. Among other reasons, their relationship with real,- was relatively new. “Small enterprises and start-ups need flexible and lighter weight solutions,” explains Dr. Christoph Ebm, ecosio’s CEO, “that’s why we recommended ecosio’s Web EDI, our browser-based Web EDI solution for fast, paper-free data exchange.”

ecosio’s Web EDI offers a simple and cost-effective solution for companies that send and receive a manageable number of electronic documents using EDI with EDIFACT. EDI transactions or e-invoices are managed simply and directly from their browser, even if they don’t have an ERP system.

Uncomplicated EDI connection

ecosio coordinated the technical requirements with real,-, and activated ORDERS and DESADV. All invoices (INVOIC) to real,-, a Metro subsidiary, are processed centrally with the Metro Group Account Processing (Metro MGP), so ecosio activated and implemented that INVOIC relationship as well.

Timo Zaunbrecher says, “Thanks to ecosio’s Web EDI solution, Tantrum can receive orders from real,- and use them to easily create delivery notes (DESADV) and invoices (INVOIC). The solution is fast and uncomplicated – just like ecosio’s team.” An email is automatically sent to Tantrum each time a new order comes in, so there’s no need to check the web EDI system every day.

“ecosio managed our EDI connection from A-Z, was available around the clock, and solved problems quickly and successfully.”

Timo Zaunbrecher, Tantrum / Hörrmann & Zaunbrecher Gbr

Full service from ecosio

“ecosio managed our EDI connection from A-Z. The only thing we had to do was create the article records – in our case, our deposit articles,” says Timo Zaunbrecher. “ecosio is a great partner for small and middle sized enterprises that don’t necessarily need to connect EDI with their ERP systems.” Christoph Ebm explains, “We can also tailor make cost-efficient solutions for setting up classic EDI connections for companies without EDI know-how.” This makes EDI exchange possible with all business partners, regardless of data format and transmission standard.

“ecosio can also tailor make cost-efficient solutions for setting up classic EDI connections for companies without EDI know-how.“

Christoph Ebm, Managing Director, ecosio GmbH

In a nutshell


  • Project time frame: January – February 2015
  • In use since: March 2015
  • Connected partners: Metro real,- and Metro MGP
  • Document types: ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC


  • Set up EDI connection with real,- without making changes to Tantrum’s ERP software


  • Requirement analysis
  • Contact with real,- and Metro MGP
  • Data exchange test phase
  • Start of parallel operatoins
  • Approval from real,- and Metro MGP to go live
  • Live operation


  • EDI connection with Web EDI

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