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8 Seasons Design

The light manufacturer 8 seasons design exchanges electronic data with all nine of Hornbach DIY’s country subsidiaries using ecosio's Web EDI.

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Hornbach is one of Europe’s largest DIY and garden center operators. The family-run Hornbach-Baumarkt-AG, headquartered in Bornheim (Pfalz), currently has locations in nine countries and employs around 17,000 employees in 151 locations.

8 seasons design is a decorative synthetic light specialist with production sites in Germany.

The challenge of automated data exchange

Hornbach’s range of suppliers is as diverse as its own DIY and garden center product catalogue. Providing the required communication via EDI throughout the procurement process can be particularly challenging for small production facilities like 8 seasons design that are listed in Hornbach’s product range. Those that supply to subsidiaries in different countries have to comply with different data requirements, which used to mean using various conversions. Luckily, easier options are available now!

8 seasons design provided an excellent example of how easy it can be. They traded in their cost-intensive converter solutions for a business relationship with ecosio to simplify the electronic exchange of orders, dispatch notes, and invoices (EDI) with Hornbach.

ecosio prepares suppliers for EDI with Hornbach

Hornbach differentiates its procurement processes according to warehouse business and drop shipments, which has an impact on EDI requirements for suppliers. As a full service EDI provider, ecosio can provide solutions for any of these requirements and for any Hornbach suppliers – and ecosio can tailor these solutions according to technical possibilities and data exchange volumes.

Depending on the supplier’s ordering frequency and atomization needs, EDI exchange with Hornbach can happen in one of two ways:

Simple EDI solutions with ecosio

ecosio's Web EDI – fast and cost effective

ecosio Web EDI is a browser-based solution that enables EDI using a web application in the user’s preferred browser. The login to an individual user account with username and password allows access to the EDI account, where all orders from Hornbach are received and saved, and can be printed as .pdf documents for further internal use. Data for the creation of dispatch notes and invoices is automatically taken from the orders, minimising manual data entry. Once created, dispatch notes and invoices can be returned to Hornbach using the same web application.

8 seasons design is a good example of an ecosio Web EDI user that communicates via EDI for relatively few monthly orders from Hornbach. ecosio is responsible for the EDI connection and compliance with Hornbach’s EDI requirements, ensuring that all documents from the web application are sent to Hornbach in the correct formats. ecosio Web EDI enables a cost-effective EDI connection for 8 seasons design without requiring in-house EDI knowhow.

The ecosio Integration Hub – easy and direct

For direct automated document exchange ecosio offers ecosio Integration Hub, a solution that allows EDI documents to be exchanged automatically between Hornbach’s ERP system and those of each of its suppliers. The supplier’s ERP system is connected to the ecosio Integration Hub, which acts as a data hub, converting and delivering messages in the EDI data format to and from Hornbach.

Orders from Hornbach are directly and automatically displayed in the supplier’s ERP system, where they can be processed further. Next, dispatch notes and invoices are created based on the order, and these are automatically returned to Hornbach. ecosio Integration Hub is also available for suppliers without in-house EDI knowhow.

In this case, ecosio manages the EDI connection setup, including routing, converting, digital signature and archiving, ongoing administration and maintenance, and central monitoring. Automated data exchange using ecosio Integration Hub helps Hornbach suppliers to easily manage high order frequency.

Win-Win with ecosio

Optimising daily business and procurement processes using EDI has become a MUST for Hornbach (and its suppliers). By reducing costs and minimising complexity, ecosio connection solutions for suppliers lend a competitive advantage to all business partners – but especially to suppliers.

In a nutshell


  • Project time frame (with 8 seasons design): December 2014 – February 2015
  • In use since: February 2015


  • Delivery in the document standard EDIFACT EANCOM D96A with various requirements for companies in nine countries.
  • ORDERS – For the delivery of orders from Hornbach to the supplier
  • DESADV – For the delivery of dispatch notifications from the supplier to Hornbach
  • INVOIC – For the delivery of invoices from the supplier to Hornbach


  • ecosio Web EDI for cost effective exchange of electronic documents with smaller order volumes
  • ecosio Integration Hub for automated exchange of documents with high order frequency

ecosio WEB EDI

More technical details about ecosio Web EDI are provided here.

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