ecosio.Web – The quick, web-based EDI connection

EDI in your Browser

The quick, web-based EDI connection

ecosio offers a variety of possibilities for managing EDI in your browser.

Are you looking to make your business processes 100% EDI fit? Or would you like to integrate suppliers without EDI capability in your EDI processes? ecosio.Web offers your suppliers a simple online portal to manage EDI.

The Web EDI portal that connects your suppliers

Would you like to provide suppliers with a dedicated web-based EDI platform or e-invoice platform? ecosio.Web allows you to connect suppliers using a dedicated website – adapted to your business processes and documents. With ecosio.Web, companies offer their suppliers a flexible web-based solution to manage data interchange, without having to develop their own in-house solutions. Where necessary, modules can be added to ecosio.Web to include Supplier Relationship Management (ecosio.Supply) components.

We offer

  • Optimized user interface for industry / automotive
  • Optimized user interface for commerce
  • Label printing for packing units directly from Web EDI – for example support for VDA and ODETTE standards
  • Cloud-based managed EDI services
  • ONE connection for all EDI partners
  • Worry-free EDI partner connection, from installation to monitoring
  • One stop shop EDI solution incl. Web EDI
ecosio.Web – optimized web-based EDI for industrial processes
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ecosio offers comprehensive EDI expertise for the optimization of industry processes, for example in the automotive industry – so that your delivery processes can be optimally supported even by suppliers without EDI capability. With the ecosio.Web portal, you enable suppliers to exchange structured documents with you straight from their browsers. On your side, ecosio.Web is integrated in your EDI processes through your connection to the ecosio.MessagingHub. You do not notice whether your business partner uses classical EDI or Web EDI.

Support for just-in- time processes using DELFOR and DELJIT

Suppliers can receive, view, and download call-offs (DELFOR) and detailed call-offs (DELJIT) on the web. Next, delivery notes (ASN) can be created, and all automotive process requirements (VDA, ODETTE, ANSI) related to packaging lists are fulfilled. Finally, standard-compliant barcode labels (e.g. VDA) for each individual load carrier (pallet, cover, package, etc.) can be downloaded and printed out.

Learn more about ecosio’s specialized solutions for the automotive branch in the Automotive Factsheet.

ecosio.Web – Process optimization with Web EDI for commerce Shoes Image

ecosio.Web is particularly well suited for companies that exchange electronic documents with smaller trading companies and production facilities. Suppliers manage EDI transactions or e-invoices simply, using their web interfaces. On your side, ecosio.Web is integrated into your EDI processes through your company’s connection to the ecosio.MessagingHub. Orders (ORDERS), Order confirmations (ORDRSP), shipping notifications (DESADV), and invoices (INVOIC) are displayed in the browser directly after.

ecosio.Web – How it works

EDI documents can be sent and received straight from the browser – meaning there’s no need to purchase expensive software! Business partners receive a simple, quick, and cost-effective solution, while companies quickly integrate business partners in their EDI processes. ecosio manages the EDI setup and all coordination with business partners.

EDI documents are clearly displayed in the web browser. With just a few clicks, order confirmations, delivery notes, or invoices can be created from an order received via EDI and sent as an EDI document. We also provide support for call-offs and their related shipping notifications, for example for VDA-based processes for industry.

Exchange formats:
  • All VDA formats (text-based and EDIFACT-based), including VDA4d905, VDA4913, VDA4984, etc.
  • EDIFACT-based formats (DELFOR, DESADV, AVIEXP, CALDEL, etc.)
  • ANSI ASC X12 formats, especially for North America
  • IDoc for exchange with SAP systems and all client specific formats, including BOSCH CSV formats, etc.
  • many more
Exchange protocols:
  • OFTP2
  • AS2
  • X.400
  • SFTP
  • VAN Interconnects, such as COVISINT, INOVIS, Sterling, etc.
  • many more
Load carrier labeling:
  • ODETTE label printing
  • VDA label printing
  • Additional label on request


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