ecosio.Supply - SRM portal integrated in your ERP system

SRM portal integrated in your ERP system

Facilitating effective supplier relationship management

Supplier relationship management (SRM) is a big deal for establishing and maintaining effective collaboration with your suppliers. ecosio.Supply provides support you need for successful communication while uniting all SRM related processes and documents. ecosio.Supply helps you manage business partner relationships across departments and locations, from first contact to partnerships – or the ending thereof, giving you the transparency and clarity to recognize potential for improvement.

The core of your relationship with suppliers is based on exchanging documents such as orders, dispatch advices, and invoices. ecosio.ERPEL and ecosio.Web, our solutions for electronic data interchange (EDI), helps you to adapt your business processes to meet the challenges of digital transformation.

Business relationships aren’t based solely on EDI. That’s why we created ecosio.Supply – to supplement these core EDI processes with support processes. ecosio.ERPEL, ecosio.Web and ecosio.Supply are merging to a modular central platform for the processing and optimization of all relevant purchasing processes and supplier relationships.

Modular supplier relationship management portal

When utilized to its full potential, ecosio.Supply is a multifaceted supplier management portal that offers a holistic overview of all supplier relationships and related processes. Every module offers a solution for one aspect of supplier relationship management, including document management, task tracking, audit management and more. Each module can be configured according to your individual requirements. All accessible information can be filtered according to various parameters or searched and displayed using full-text search. Role management and access rights define who is allowed to receive and access documents while the newsfeed provides information about current messages and tasks.

Support processes are directly integrated in your ERP system. Your suppliers access the portal using a standard web browser. The EDI connection can be made using classic EDI, ecosio.ERPEL or our web-based EDI solution, ecosio.Web. More information about our EDI products can be found in their respective product sheets.

We offer

  • Cloud-based managed EDI services & SRM
  • Fully automated supplier communication and document exchange
  • SRM modules to supplement your EDI processes

ecosio.Supply Modules

Supplier self assessment

The supplier self assessment module is used to evaluate and select potential new suppliers. This occurs in two steps:

  • The supplier assessment process begins with potential suppliers registering on your ecosio.Supply supplier portal, where they provide selected information such as turnover, product groups, etc.
  • Once your team has approved the potential supplier, the supplier receives access to your supplier portal and necessary documents, including purchase conditions, etc. Access rights for individual modules can be managed centrally in ecosio.Supply. If a supplier receives a negative response to their application they will be notified and may reapply at the end of a predefined period.

Audit management

The audit management module supports in planning, coordinating, and post-processing audits; and in directly relaying audit reports to suppliers. Audit appointments are coordinated with suppliers using ecosio.Supply. After the audit, additional ecosio.Supply modules provide further functions, such as rating the supplier or, based on the audit’s outcome, defining next steps in the task tracker.

Document management

The document management module facilitates the preparation, classification and secure exchange of documents, such as technical drawings and contracts. Once documents are uploaded to ecosio.Supply, they can be shared with individual suppliers, a specific group of suppliers, or all suppliers. Only authorized suppliers receive access to the documents and may upload their own documents to securely transfer them to you. Automated indexing of document contents means you can use full-text search to search them later.

Quality management

Quality management includes the functions “complaints”, “sampling”, and “waivers”.
The function “complaints” can require a supplier to create a report about deficient products. Complaints are launched in your ERP system or directly in ecosio.Supply and are always assigned to a specific item in a delivery. When a complaint case has been closed by your employees, the data can be transferred back to the ERP system as a PDF or in a ZIP folder.
In order to “sample” an item in an order, your team can create a sampling report in ecosio.Supply or your ERP system. In addition to sending the sample, the supplier fills out the report, which can also be used in quality control.
The “waivers” function allows suppliers to receive approval via ecosio.Supply for a delivery with slight deviations from the required features.

Task tracking

All tasks across all modules are summarized and visualized in the central task tracking module. There tasks can be created, reviewed, adapted and filtered according to various criteria. Automatic reminders ensure that suppliers keep track of their deadlines, and current tasks and responsibilities are displayed in the newsfeed.

Evaluation and supplier performance, supplier development

The evaluation and supplier performance module creates visualizations of individual supplier evaluations and their performance based on key figures, such as delivery punctuality, number of incorrect deliveries or complaints. A filter function enables visualization of an overview of all suppliers, specific supplier groups or individual suppliers. Additionally, internal and external for supplier performance improvement can be defined.
If cooperation with a supplier should be reduced or eventually terminated, the supplier can be labeled accordingly as “phasing out.”

Customs-related information

The customs-related information module helps determine the country of origin for articles to which customs apply. Based on a preselected list of taxable items in your ERP system, ecosio.Supply prompts suppliers to provide all relevant information about such articles. After verification by one of your employees, the information can be uploaded to your ERP system.

Supplier database

This module is a comprehensive supplier database with a summary of all relevant information about your suppliers, where you can manage settings for roles and access rights.


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