ecosio.PDF and ecosio.Paper – get rid of hand-typed invoices

ecosio.PDF and ecosio.Paper – make hand-typed invoices a thing of the past

Receive all of your invoices in electronic form

ecosio.PDF and ecosio.Paper provide excellent solutions for companies that receive a large number of unstructured invoices. In our scanning center, data from paper invoices and unstructured PDF invoices is registered, structured, and rendered machine-readable. As required, they can be converted to a specified format such as XML, EDIFACT, VDA, or IDoc. ecosio provides both the original and the structured data, which can also be imported directly into an ERP system and processed there. Printed invoices will become a thing of the past.

What we offer

  • Digital processing of PDF and paper documents
  • Receipt of electronic data from all business partners
  • An end to manual data entry

ecosio.PDF –
full-service electronic mailbox

ecosio.PDF provides clients with a dedicated electronic mailbox (monitored by ecosio) to receive PDF invoices from suppliers. Incoming data is registered and converted to the specified format (e.g. XML or IDoc) in our scanning center, and double-checked to reduce error to an absolute minimum. The invoicing data is then ready to be transferred to the ERP system, without any time-intensive manual effort. ecosio.PDF can be adapted to any document type at any time, creating endless possibilities – for example, receipt of orders and shipping notes.

ecosio.Paper –
The ecosio post office

For ecosio.Paper clients, ecosio maintains a post office box in proximity to your company’s location, where registered business partners send their invoices. The invoices are digitized in our scanning center and converted to a structured electronic format using image recognition and manual proofing. The original paper invoice remains intact, and the billing information can be imported to and processed in an ERP system. All without any rekeying!


Further details

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ecosio.Monitor – is everything under control?

ecosio.Monitor gives you a comprehensive overview of all incoming and outgoing EDI messages, all the time.

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