ecosio.connect – Outsourcing Ihrer EDI-Verbindungen

Outsourcing your EDI connections

Guiding your EDI messages through the jungle of protocols and networks

ecosio quickly and securely transmits EDI messages between you and your EDI partners using the ecosio.MessagingHub. With just one connection to the ecosio.MessagingHub, your company can reach all of your EDI partners, even those in other EDI networks (VAN – Value Added Networks), including X.400, GXS, and IBM Sterling, making the use of expensive and time-intensive mailboxes unnecessary. Connecting your EDI partners to the ecosio.MessagingHub and to message exchange can take place using numerous protocols, such as X.400, AS2, OFTP2, PEPPOL, SFTP, HTTPS, etc., or via roaming in VANs.

Messages are transferred to the ecosio.MessagingHub in the recipient’s target format and delivered to the recipient without conversion. ecosio constantly monitors the EDI message exchange and ensures undisturbed, continuous connection with all EDI partners. ecosio.Connect saves your company manpower and IT resources.

If you’re interested in outsourcing all of your EDI processes, including converting messages to the required data format, we’re happy to provide more information about our end-to-end solutions, ecosio.ERPEL and ecosio.EDI.

We offer

  • Managed cloud-based EDI services
  • One connection to the ecosio.MessagingHub for all EDI partners
  • Worry free EDI partner connection, from initial approach to monitoring
  • Secure data transfer using various protocols, including X.400, AS2, OFTP2, SFTP
  • 24/7 monitoring of all incoming and outgoing messages by the ecosio team
  • Cost transparency due to message-based billing
  • Roaming in numerous EDI networks (VAN – Value Added Networks) such as X.400, GXS and IBM Sterling

The advantages of outsourcing connections with ecosio.Connect


The X.400 protocol is widely used, especially in retail and industry. X.400 mailboxes, for example BusinessMail X.400, are often expensive and require intensive administration. We manage your X.400 message exchange and transmit your messages using the X.400 network. You benefit from lower transmission costs and our end to end monitoring.


Many companies use the versatile transport protocol AS2 for EDI. ecosio.Connect enables you to reach all business partners using AS2, without operating your own expensive AS2 server infrastructure. ecosio manages regular software updates and security certificate exchanges.


Data transmission using the OFTP2 protocol is common among manufacturing industries, such as the automobile industry, and their suppliers. To use the protocol, companies are required to purchase and operate their own server infrastructure, which is often expensive. With ecosio.Connect, you not only save these costs, but also the effort associated with managing licenses, certificates, maintenance, and updates.


SFTP is an affordable and secure solution for data interchange using the internet that can be quickly implemented. The challenge, however, is managing the details: among other things, firewall configurations must be set; reading and writing permission conflicts have to be prevented; and user management is required. ecosio.Connect provides you with a ready to use solution so you don’t have to worry about these issues.


PEPPOL continues to be used predominantly for the exchange of eProcurement data within the European Union. ecosio is a certified PEPPOL Access Point, and ecosio.Connect allows you to reach any desired PEPPOL recipient.


HTTPS is increasingly being used for EDI, especially in the form of provided RESTful Web Services. ecosio.Connect allows you to simply and easily connect with HTTP end points or offer HTTP end points to your business partners. ecosio manages the configuration and maintenance of all HTTPS connections.

Value Added Networks (VAN)

Thanks to interconnects and roaming agreements with numerous VAN providers, you can communicate with your EDI partners even if you don’t have your own VAN mailbox in a specific network, saving you effort and costs.


Additional features

Digital signature – there is only one original

Another service in ecosio’s managed EDI services portfolio is the digital signature, which is often required from business partners or in accordance with local legislation. Digital signatures guarantee the sender’s authenticity and the integrity of the document’s contents.

Monitoring – Trust is good, control is better

ecosio takes over the 24/7 monitoring of your EDI messages and proactively informs you in case of error. You can also monitor the current status of all incoming and outgoing EDI messages in real time. With functions like full text search and flexible statistical analysis, your EDI messages are always under your control.


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ecosio.Monitor – is everything under control?

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