Silvester Ladanyi Team Photo

Silvester Ladanyi

Sales Development

Silvester was born to Austrian parents living in the UK. He combined university education with a 3-year traditional cabinet making apprenticeship. He therefore loves interacting with manufacturing/production companies. Offering ecosio solutions to such businesses allows for him to combine the best of both worlds.

As a Sales Development Executive at ecosio, Silvester is the strategic interface to the customer. Sales is his great passion. Since childhood he enjoyed chasing the deal. His first brush with business development was when he built an “underground” sweets enterprise at school. During weekends, he worked for Harrods and Hamleys Toy Shop in London. His most vivid memory was when he sold to Britney Spears.

Silvester is a keen outdoorsman and loves nature. He is fascinated by mountains, the sea and fishing. He says the North West Coast of Scotland is the most beautiful place in the world. Here mountains, fjords and the ocean meet together.

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