Serhii Maloivananko Team Photo

Serhii Maloivanenko

Mapping Engineer

Serhii studied machine building at the Engineering Academy Zaporizhya

Before working at ecosio, Serhii spent most of his time building, repairing, and configuring computers.
In 2016 he lived in Germany where he worked as a mechanic. There he assisted the head mechanic in restoring his father’s 1978’s Mercedes-Benz.

At ecosio Serhii develops mappings for the conversion of documents in various formats (EDIFACT, VDA, XML, CSV, Flat Text, IDoc, etc). Moreover, his job includes developing documentation, testing mappings, and handling translation errors.

In his spare time, Serhii likes to learn new things, drive his car around town, and workout at the gym.

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