Pawel Kowalski Team Photo

Pawel Kowalski


Pawel studied civil engineering and infrastructure management at Vienna University of Technology, while at the same time working for his father’s construction company.

After four years of studying, Pawel decided to follow a new path. He was working in various promotion jobs, did DJing and music production, and most recently worked as a shop assistant at Hutchinson Drei. This made him realize that his future should be dedicated to technology. With huge enthusiasm Pawel is currently studying information and communication systems at FH Technikum Vienna.

At ecosio Pawel works in the frontend development team. The combination of working and studying enables Pawel to turn theory into practice. He also gains additional practical know how, which helps him during his studies.

In his leisure time he likes to spend time with his friends playing various board games. If a lightning of creativity strikes, he also likes to produce electronic music and enjoys cooking exotic meals.

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