Ingo Jendreck Team Photo

Ingo Jendreck

Senior Sales Executive

Ingo is a trained IT systems expert and SAP consultant for SD/MM/PP.

Since 2003 he is actively working in the IT industry with a focus on sales and marketing. In his functions as Inside Sales Executive, EDI Sales Manager, EDI Sales Consultant, and EDI Solution Sales Manager he accompanied the international creation and expansion of direct and indirect sales. Since 2006 Ingo is engaged in electronic data interchange in retail, industry, automotive, and pharmaceuticals.

At ecosio Ingo is a Sales Executive in the DACH region and is responsible for customer acquisition and key account management. Thereby, Ingo profits from his long-term experience in the EDI domain and consults new and existing customers in questions around EDI topics. Due to his profound SAP expertise, Ingo is also able to contribute to cross-cutting topics with ERP systems.

In his spare time Ingo likes to do sports – football in particular – and likes to spend time with his daughter.

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