Gabor Gorondy Team Photo

Gabor Gorondy

Blackbox Tester

Gabor graduated from Vienna Business School in Floridsdorf with a focus on multimedia and web design.

During his time there, Gabor participated in many elective subjects including peer mediation, arts and culture, the debate club and many more. For the debate club he was able to bring home several victories for his school. His interest in computers has always been present, yet elective subjects such as network technology, elective multimedia and web design couldn’t quench his thirst for more knowledge. For that reason Gabor currently studies informatics at FH Technikum Vienna.

At ecosio, Gabor works as a Blackbox tester, where he tests even the smallest details of the software developed by ecosio.

In his leisure time Gabor enjoys playing board games, reading books and traveling to other countries to meet new cultures. Music is his constant companion.

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