Christian Huemer

Research and Development

Christian is an associate professor at the Institute for Software Technology and Interactive Systems of Vienna University of Technology.

Christian studied Business Informatics at Vienna University of Technology and was promoted to professor at University of Vienna in 2002. His research focuses on inter-organizational systems, conceptual modeling of ERP systems, and Industry 4.0. Since many years Christian is also actively involved in the standardization efforts of UN/CEFACT, where he currently serves as Domain Coordinator of Technical Specifications.

At ecosio Christian heads the research department and develops new methods and concepts for the automation of electronic data interchange, together with ecosio’s team. Thereby, Christian benefits from his long-term experience in the area of B2B and e-Business standardization. He was one of the main initiators of the ebXML initiative, and one of the main contributors to the ebInterface standard in Austria.

In seiner Freizeit könnt ihr Christian auf den Fußballplätzen Europas antreffen.

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