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Optimise your B2B message traffic with fully managed EDI. Save time, money and stress by relieving internal teams and outsourcing data exchange to the experts.

Simplify your EDI

One connection for all partners

Electronic data exchange with suppliers and business partners is cost and resource intensive. Owing to the differences in standards and connection types, EDI processes can be error-prone and tend to create high maintenance effort for the IT department.

With ecosio Integration Hub you can send and receive all your EDI messages using just one single connection. Your messages are converted, signed, archived and delivered to their recipients using protocols as required. Naturally we factor in changes and updates of protocols and requirements.

Grafik Onboarding und Monitoring

Support that cares about you

In addition to constantly monitoring your EDI data exchange we are at your service, should you require any changes to existing connections or wish to setup a new EDI connection.

Fast onboardings

Our EDI partner connections are worry-free and fast. You provide us with your desired EDI connection list and we return turn-key and ready-to use EDI partner connections to you.

24/7 Monitoring

ecosio’s services include the constant monitoring of your data exchange and proactive support in case something goes wrong. We act first – before your suppliers or customers can complain.

White paper

Which EDI solution is right for you?

This white paper provides an overview of the key criteria you should keep in mind for a future-proof EDI decision.

A detailed financial and technical assessment matrix helps you to compare different EDI solutions and reap the most benefits for your existing solution.

Simple set-up

  • Consolidation of numerous EDI solutions
  • Faster onboarding thanks to uniform format specifications (MIGs) for supplier connections
  • Management of multiple communication protocols and VANs
  • Monitoring for all EDI connections
  • Ease of use due to direct ERP integration

Direct ERP integration

By integrating our API in your ERP system, EDI processes are seamlessly incorporated in your user interface. Instead of a managed connection to ecosio Integration Hub, this connection is embedded as a native feature into your ERP system, allowing end-to-end monitoring in the user interface. There are several ERP systems which include ecosio API currently on the market. Find an overview here:

Expansion of existing EDI processes

Digitization of business processes

100% EDI fit

Suppliers often shy away from establishing an EDI connection as they see it as a hassle. However, with Web EDI, even suppliers without their own ERP system can be easily connected. Further, such connections are becoming increasingly urgent to ensure suppliers are able to network with partners in a technically clever way. As we’re best placed to explain the many benefits of implementing our integrated B2B solution, we’re happy to convince your suppliers of the advantages of EDI. Our experts will take over the entire onboarding and roll-out process, showing your business partners just how useful their integration into a networked EDI system can be.

All protocols and all formats

Flexible connection of all partners

No matter what requirement your business partner has, we will develop a flexible solution to fit.

The ecosio Integration Hub also allows you to exchange all EDI formats and document types and to send messages in all protocols. The transmission of messages to and from your business partners is done centrally by the ecosio Integration Hub. All you need is a connection to the hub, we take over the connection of your partners. With a single connection you can reach all partners regardless of their specific EDI requirements. It’s that simple!

Local EDI conversion vs. managed EDI

In-House EDI

Operating a local EDI converter is cost-intensive and laborious. The data exchange is often error-prone and inefficient. Commonly experienced issues include:

  • High acquisition costs
  • High personnel costs
  • Expenses for software maintenance
  • Independent partner integration

We take over the complete set-up of EDI connections. Your personal contact at ecosio is always available with expert advice to solve problems and develop strategies. Key benefits include:

  • Configuration and maintenance of business partner connections
  • All formats and protocols supported
  • EDI expert know-how
  • 24/7 support and monitoring


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