White Paper - 2019 B2B connectivity & EDI benchmark report & survey

Learn about the future of B2B connectivity and EDI

IT leaders demand more from EDI. With the advent of Industry 4.0 and today’s hyper connected world, businesses demand speed and agility more than ever to not only beat their competitors but to survive and meet ever-evolving customer needs.

This white paper identifies key areas IT leaders deem critical to deliver successful B2B connectivity and EDI in today’s fast paced environment. Decision makers consistently ranked 4 key criteria for successful modern cloud-based EDI.

The 4 key criteria:

  1. Ease of on-boarding a trading partner
  2. Proactive monitoring & troubleshooting
  3. Enabling the EDI & partner community
  4. Simplicity and transparency

In this report you can learn the new demands on IT leaders to drive success for B2B e-commerce, including self-service and predictive intelligence and suggested approaches to meet those demands.

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