ecosio’s Philipp Liegl recently hosted an EDI Webinar “Challenges in EDI and 21st Century Connectivity” with the aim of providing a real insight into the future of EDI through sharing our experiences connecting over 2,500 companies globally.

In case you could not attend the Webinar, you may watch a video of the Webinar below.

About the webinar

EDI is the foundation of modern digital procurement and sales processes, which is manifesting itself as reality across supply chain decision makers. In the Webinar we discuss problems with the traditional approach and the measures required to remove restrictions from organisation growth, touching upon e-Invoicing, orders-to-cash, procure-to-pay, evolving protocols amongst many other topics.

Summary of the Webinar:

  • History, purpose and origin of EDI
  • Four key challenges: technology, processes, standards and legal requirements
  • Old system landscapes simply do not fit the requirements of modern EDI
  • With a unified approach and a single technology solution these challenges can be overcome

You can watch the recorded Webinar below. Contact Gence Emek, Managing Director UK for any questions on

Video of the Webinar